Shoulder Specialists at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital

The physicians at Martha’s Vineyard Orthopaedics use cutting-edge technology to assess, diagnose and work with patients to develop innovative treatment plans for a variety of shoulder conditions and injuries. Our team of physicians is committed to finding you the best treatment for neck and shoulder pain that suits your individual needs.

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Advanced Shoulder Care at Martha’s Vineyard Orthopaedics

The physicians at Martha’s Vineyard Orthopaedics provide comprehensive shoulder pain treatment for patients in need. We’ll work closely with you each step of the way from diagnosis to treatment, involving you in key decisions in a collaborative effort.

Highly Trained Shoulder Surgeons

Our physicians provide both surgical and conservative treatments for acute and chronic shoulder conditions, including shoulder joint pain relief.

Shoulder Surgery as Your Last Option

Our goal is to emphasize non-surgical treatment options and when needed, minimally invasive shoulder surgery. When surgical intervention is required, our highly-trained surgeons offer the most advanced and innovative surgical treatment options.

Convenient On-Site Rehabilitation Services

Dedicated Orthopaedic Physical Therapy is available at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.  Our dedicated team of Physical Therapy Professional Teams provide the full continuum of care for each patient, providing convenient on-site Physical Therapy services to bring your care conveniently under one roof. In-house rehabilitation services also provides a close communication channel between the designated surgeon and the dedicated team of physical therapists.