Your bones are one of the most important parts of your body and it is important to keep them healthy. In addition to providing movement, the bones also help protect your vital organs from damage. Many patients know about osteoporosis, but many do not realize that bone density begins to decrease as early as your thirties. While prominent in women, men are also susceptible to the onset of osteoporosis. Before you experience an unnecessary injury due to weakened bones –

As one of the most common types of injuries, a sprained ankle can leave feeling a bit helpless. Unlike a bone break that is set in a cast, sometimes the treatment options for a sprained ankle aren’t that cut and dry. However, by consistently icing your ankle, taking anti-inflammatories, and wrapping it, you can help to feel like your normal self and get back to doing the things that you love before you know it. Read on to learn more

Ouch! You twisted or turned your ankle in an awkward way and the result is – a sprained ankle!

A sprained ankle is one of the most common of all sports injuries…and if you have had one, you know how painful and debilitating it can be. Your runs are curtailed; you limp along; you can’t fit into your shoes and that pick-up game of basketball is but a distant memory.

Ankle sprains stretch or tear the ligaments that hold your

ou depend on your marvelous feet as you “walk your walk.” They are capable of handling hundreds of tons of force, your body in motion, every day. But the stress of that motion puts your feet at risk of injury more than any other part of your body. Painful feet can be debilitating, aggravating and may even prevent you from maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

One of the most common causes of foot pain is Plantar Fasciitis, pain and inflammation of

An ankle injury can be one of the most frustrating experiences for an athlete. Once you injure your ankle it becomes more susceptible to future damage and injury and can often require a great deal of time to heal. Even for non-athletes, ankle injuries can be devastating to work schedules and responsibilities at home.

If you have injured your ankle it is likely that all you want to do is quickly recover and get back to your normal activities. To